I have always combined figurative work with surrealism and abstraction. This collection of mostly recent images represents all these aspects, and includes paintings of the Regent' Canal in London that have preoccupied me over the past two years, as well as a anumber of more general paintings of people and places.

Kandinski and Klee have been important influences in my non-representational work. Fragments of memory in the realms of cosmic imagery, dystopic urbanism and organic forms contribute to the inception of these paintings. But dramatic changes occur in their development, a process both of discovery and invention. So a building plan (derived from my career as an architect) might become transformed beyond recognition. Their success depends on the viewer being able to share the enjoyment of the dreamlike associations woven into their composition - and perhaps to discover some of thier own.

My figurative work is the natural product of living in the middle of an old city; in particular, the paintings of the Regent's Canal seem to me to represent the quintessence of urban decay, enriched by the random appearance of new structures - a complex brew that is not necessarily devoid of visual interest.
Abstraction and surrealism
The Regent's Canal, London